Great fanfare accompanied the reopening of Tokyo Station's redbrick building in Marunouchi this week. And, just like any major new (or in this case 98-year-old) landmark, it's a bonanza for tie-in marketing, including plenty of sweets — all limited-edition items that can only be bought inside the station itself.

Among the standouts are the delicate Tokyo Waffles produced by Waraku Beniya. A delectable take on classic Belgian stroopwafels, each comprises two fine oval-shaped waffles sandwiching a thin layer of sweet cream, with a choice of two flavors: caramel or kinako, the roasted soybean flour often found in wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets).

Waraku Beniya is one of a stable of innovative brands led by celebrity pâtissier Hironobu Tsujiguchi — also the man behind the gorgeous Le Chocolat de H next to the Roppongi Hills complex. It has made a name for itself with its crossover sweets, cleverly straddling the line between Japanese and Western styles.