Ask local expats what they miss most from their homelands, and they might tell you about Fig Newton cookies (Americans), Shreddies breakfast cereal (Brits), fresh coriander (Thais) or morning congee (Chinese). In other words, an authentic taste of home.

That's what Tokyo's National Azabu supermarket offered since opening in 1962. So when news broke that it would close on Nov. 1, anticipatory pangs of hunger spread throughout the expat community. It seems the shop will be back next year (see sidebar), but here are some other internationally minded shops to keep your stomach happy.

The most obvious beneficiary of National Azabu's closing is Nissin World Delicatessen, which is already popular with Tokyo expats thanks to its convenient Azabu-Juban location and its vast selection of Western foodstuffs. Nissin is the place to pick up such items as frozen turkeys, hot dogs and A&W root beer. The massive third-floor liquor shop stocks booze for any occasion.