Riding defensively minimizes the chance of a motorcycle accident but unfortunately sometimes a get-off can’t be avoided. That’s when good riding gear can make the difference between a trip to the hospital or just a few aches.

Many riders like the idea of wearing protective clothing, but they’re turned off by the thought of having to tromp around in bulky bike gear once they reach their destination.

Andy Goldfine, founder of the Aerostich riding-accessory company, solved this problem when he invented the Roadcrafter — achieving his goal to “Go beyond traditional riding wear and make the ultimate suit.”

One great point of the Roadcrafter is it can be worn over regular clothing. When you’re done riding you simply undo two zippers and step out of the suit. If you don’t have a closet handy, use a cable lock to secure it to your bike.

Another superior feature is the protection the suit provides. The shell is constructed from 500 denier Cordura material with a multilayered Gore-Tex laminate. This material is incredibly tough and waterproof, but still allows perspiration to evaporate, keeping you cool and dry.

The knees, shoulders, elbows and forearms are covered with 1050 denier Cordura for even greater abrasion resistance. High- performance TF2 body armor, which is malleable but instantly hardens on impact, also guards these vulnerable areas. An optional back protector and hip pads are available.

3M Scotchlite is stitched across the upper back and on the lower legs. When car headlights hit this ultra-reflective material, it lights up like a neon sign. And if you want to be just as visible in the daytime, you can order the suit in Hi-Viz yellow, one of many colors available.

Finally, the suit is incredibly user-friendly. Strategically placed zippered vents keep you cool even in the dog days of summer and there are plenty of pockets.

To keep costs as low as possible, Aerostich sells its products directly via its catalog and its Web site, www.aerostich.com.

The multilingual Web site includes a Japanese-language option and the company has hired a full-time Japanese staffer who can provide assistance by phone or e-mail.