world.std.com/~fwhite/spud/ Yes, there is actually a server out there powered by potatoes that really does work. Kind of. This address only takes you to a link to that server, which doesn’t accept a whole lot of hits, and to an article explaining why the contraption was built.

www.deepshock.co.uk “Are you attracted to men (or) women?” It’s necessary to answer this question before going any further because this site’s only purpose is to help you drunken fools who can’t cut through the fog of your hangover to match the telephone number you found in your pocket this morning with a face from last night despite a vague recollection of some heavy make-out action. Gag concepts like this rarely translate this well into Internet sites.

www.kissthisguy.com No, we’re not building on a theme here. This is the Archive of Misheard Lyrics. Think “Excuse me, while I kiss . . . ” This site is good for comparing notes, to see if anyone else was mishearing what you did. Oops, guess Stupidspud was the only one who contrived Don McLean’s “American Pie” lyrics into “And I dig those riddle-me poohs.” Never knew what it meant until Madonna sang much more clearly “And I dig those rhythmic blues.” Now “American Pie” makes perfect sense.

www.shatnerrocks.com We’ve all done things in life that we’re deeply embarrassed about. Or if you haven’t, you will. And when you do, just be happy you’re not William Shatner and you never starred on “Star Trek.” The poor guy made the biggest mistake of his life in 1968 by recording an album, covering such songs as “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and “Mr. Tambourine Man.” And one of his millions of “Star Trek” fans won’t let him forget it. Now the out-of-print album is on the Net for everyone to listen to. What was he thinking, anyway, trying to cover a Bob Dylan song? Sadistically hilarious.

www.good-stuff.co.uk/mark/l-tubby.html Clandestine pictures from a Teletubby autopsy.