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Art and Patisserie

The recent works of multi-medium artist Saki Matsumura are currently on display at Patisserie Stressed at the InterContinental Osaka.

Matsumura, born in 1993, graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, earning both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the institution, and has continued her practice in Kansai, creating a body of work that blends oil painting, silkscreen print, and digital imagery. Evenly spaced Ben Day dots and gradients are interrupted by thickly mushed acrylic in her works, referencing pop art while also displaying the artist’s academic background in painting. White negative lines let one breathe between the layers, whether they be gestural scribbles or smaller drips. The surfaces of color and print are further emphasized by their placement on wood panel, jutting the works off of the wall.

The creator has enjoyed recent success for her artworks, having held a solo exhibition at Dmoarts Gallery, Osaka, titled “The eyes: They see,” and winning the Benny Au award at the 2019 Unknown Arts Exchange Osaka. The works on display at “Art and Patisserie” are available for purchase and will be on display through June. The exhibition, named "Art and Patisserie" for its space offering seasonal fruit pastries while surrounded by modern artwork, will run from Jan. 10 to June 9, 2020.

(Zoe Ariyama)

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