Books | POETRY MIGNETTE Apr 18, 2001

Poet forging links from East to West

by Taylor Mignon

The longest running English poetry journal in Japan, Poetry Nippon, was founded in the fall of 1967. Edited by Sapporo-based poet and translator Yorifumi Yaguchi, it has helped forge links between Japanese, British and American poetry for over 30 years. Yorifumi Yaguchi and William ...

Books | POETRY MIGNETTE Jan 21, 2001

A little home for poetry in Shinagawa

by Taylor Mignon

Keiyudoh is a book store specializing in rare art books, with a small gallery in the back. Currently the gallery features an exhibition of calligraphy by Sueo Akiyama, a self-taught artist, whose works have received cultural awards in Poland and France recently. Keiyudoh also ...

Books | POETRY MIGNETTE Dec 17, 2000

Speaking to both the eye and the ear

by Taylor Mignon

Poet Keiichi Nakamura first wrote tanka, and then composed monotype lithographs after graduating from the University of Sapporo. Later he created collages in which he explored the fusion of poetry with images. He became interested in mail art (art which is circulated by post among ...

Books | POETRY MIGNETTE Nov 19, 2000

Poetry readings in Okinawa

by Taylor Mignon

In Itoman, Okinawa Prefecture Oct. 15, Shuntaro Tanikawa read such scatological, contemporary poems as "Onara (Fart)" and "Unko (Crap)" from his collection "Hadaka" (the English edition, "Naked," is jointly published by Stone Bridge Press and Saru Press). Tanikawa performed his poetry with the jazz band ...

Books | POETRY MIGNETTE Oct 15, 2000

Rexroth revolution comes home to Japan

by Taylor Mignon

Yokohama-based essayist and poet Morgan Gibson has been and continues to be one of the most prolific contributors to Japan's English literary scene. Of his own work he had poems published in the 1970s in pioneering journals like One Mind and Kyoto Review and ...

Books | POETRY MIGNETTE Sep 17, 2000

Tokyo poets get a night out to Howl

by Taylor Mignon

Howl, the bar in Aoyama, was founded just after Allen Ginsberg's death in 1997. Proprietor Maki Fujimoto, producer and graphic designer of Heaven Limited, was once sent on an assignment to interview Ginsberg for a special issue on the Beat Generation for the former Japanese ...

Books | POETRY MIGNETTE Jul 16, 2000

When dream makers walk among us

by Taylor Mignon

Socrates' bestial laugh washes into the cosmic map where Blake digs with his spade and Sam stands bathed in the sparks of his youth Among colored shapes, Sam embraces the warmest softest things a woman's spirit in the shape of clouds in the shape ...

Books | POETRY MIGNETTE Jun 18, 2000

Cafe's tempting literary brew

by Taylor Mignon

Cafe Independent, a "rattle-bag collection of poetry, art, pearls of prose . . . ," is produced by Oliver Kinghorn and Shannon Smith in Kyoto. Cafe quotes Henry Miller's "Keep on writing! Keep on painting! F*** 'em all!" as a liberating slogan. More quotations (from ...

Books | POETRY MIGNETTE May 21, 2000

Japanese poets write the book of love

by Taylor Mignon

Stroker, a publisher of chapbooks, is the distributor and copublisher of "2000 Japanese Poems for the Year 2000," a voluminous collection of chapbooks, 15 in all, translated by Howard S. Levy. Love is the focus. The introductory volume is the essay titled "The Psychology of ...