About halfway through my conversation with Harmony Korine, I find myself lost for words. He’s just been describing a device that his new company, EDGLRD (pronounced “edgelord”), is working on: A machine that produces pictorial representations of a person’s dreams.

“You remember fax machines?” he asks. “You would get these long, like 10— to 20-page faxes that would just be lying on the ground. It’s kind of like that. You wake up, and it’s almost like your illustrated dreams coming in fax form, from the night before.”

Korine has always been out there, but recently he’s started to sound like a tech visionary. Hitherto best known as the director of such polarizing films as “Gummo” (1997) and “Spring Breakers” (2013), the 51-year-old announced last year that he was done with conventional cinema and setting his sights on whatever comes next. Hence EDGLRD: A Miami-based multimedia collective that brings together visual effects artists, game developers, animators, fashion designers and skateboarders.