Hideaki Takizawa, a former member of J-pop idol duo Tackey & Tsubasa who starred in NHK's yearlong historical drama series in 2005, has resigned from Johnny & Associates, one of Japan's most powerful talent agencies, an agency official said Tuesday.

Takizawa, vice president of the Tokyo talent agency and production company, offered his resignation in mid-September and left the agency as of Monday, according to the official.

Takizawa, 40, retired from show business in 2018 to take on a greater role in running the office by training talent and producing.

He became vice president in September 2019, two months after the death of the agency's founder and music mogul Johnny Kitagawa, who shaped Japan's boy band landscape for more than half a century.

Takizawa contributed to idol debuts, including those of Snow Man and SixTONES.

Takizawa also resigned as head of Johnnys' Island, an affiliate company of Johnny & Associates, in late September.

Former V6 member Yoshihiko Inohara has succeeded as head of the affiliate company and will continue his own entertainment business, the agency said.