Kom_I, the lead singer of electro-pop trio Suiyoubi no Campanella, could very well be the personification of the term "free spirit."

But before we get into her artistic exploits, a few things need to be made clear: She keeps her real name a secret and pronounces her moniker "koh-mu-eye"; her bandmates, Kenmochi Hidefumi and Dir.F favor anonymity to the extent that they won't appear in music videos or on stage at shows; and the group would like to be referred to as the easier-to-remember Wednesday Campanella in English-speaking media.

Despite these requests, however, Kom_I doesn't come across as a particularly shy person. In fact, if one thing stands out about this 24-year-old singer and rapper, it's her curiosity. She asked to come to The Japan Times office for our interview just so she could see the place, and for her photo shoot she runs around the building like a kid in a playground, walking up to anyone she doesn't recognize and introducing herself.