Good People (Perfect Plan)
Director Henrik Ruben Genz
Language English
Opens Feb. 28

James Franco and Kate Hudson star as Tom and Anna Wright, an American couple trying to start their lives over in London by renovating an old house they inherited. Funds are short, and when their dodgy basement-dwelling tenant dies of an overdose and they find a huge sack of money hidden away, Tom is reluctant to tell the police about it, seeing this as the end to his debt problems. Anna, however, frets: “We don’t know where this money comes from. This could be really, really bad money.”

Anyone who has ever seen a movie knows that yes, it is bad money, and it comes as no surprise when the police (including Tom Wilkinson as a lone wolf detective) and various criminals show up looking for the dosh, and things get really, really violent. “Good People” is an absolutely generic take on this trope, with almost nothing to recommend it, although I suppose death by having a billiard ball jammed down a throat is a rarity. As one might expect from an “American couple in peril in England” movie, the final reel borrows a bit from “Straw Dogs,” although the various traps the Wright’s set for their invaders have more of a “Home Alone” feel to them. The film’s biggest mystery is how this lame script attracted these stars.

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