I know punk's not dead, but I'm not so sure about God. The movie "God's Not Dead" — funded by the conservative Christian group Alliance Defending Freedom — is quite clear on the issue. It aims to convince believers and hell-bound atheists alike that God is alive and well, and even taking the time to fix engine failures and give vegan atheists cancer so that they'll find Jesus.

The best thing I can say about "God's Not Dead" is that now I understand what a conservative must feel like when he watches a Michael Moore film. The film sets up a rigged debate between an idealistic Christian college student (Shane Harper) and a smugly arrogant college philosophy professor (Kevin Sorbo) who demands all students in his class sign a statement that reads "God is dead."

While it's true that certain college campuses take political correctness to intolerant extremes, director Harold Cronk creates an evil, "elitist" liberal caricature. But with pastors nationwide praising the film's virtues and a "Spam for Jesus" social network campaign, this $2 million film took $60 million at the U.S. box office alone. Those numbers are even better than the return on many horror films — the safest cheapo investment — so expect to see more.

God's Not Dead (Kami wa shinda no Ka)
DirectorHarold Cronk
OpensDec. 13