‘Rush (Rush: Pride to Yujo)’


Race-car drivers and astronauts share many things in common: Both drivers and cosmonauts battle gravity, speed and air pressure. Death or heavy injuries are always a risk. But race-car drivers are of course much sexier, which is probably why bikini-clad girls and race queens hang out at the race track but not at NASA. To confirm, look no further than “Rush,” starring Chris Hemsworth as Britain’s James Hunt and Daniel Bruhl as Austrian Niki Lauda, iconic Formula One drivers of the 1970s.

Directed by Ron Howard, “Rush” seems like a boys’ movie, but it’s for every single soul on the face of the Earth, just like Howard’s “Apollo 13.”

“Rush” shows us the point at which a job becomes a calling, and a mere man is transformed into a higher being. Watch how wealthy playboy Hunt flirts with the ladies and brings Champagne into the pit, but never compromises his personal code of self-discipline. You’ll cry when Lauda sustains burn injuries all over his face and body but returns to the track a few weeks later because he can’t stand not being there. And you’ll be haunted by Lauda’s maxim: “Happiness is your biggest enemy.”

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