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Make and learn about miso from a master

by Jun Hongo

Staff Writer

Miso, Japan’s traditional seasoning made from fermenting rice, soybeans and other flavorings, sounds like a cooking ingredient too complex to prepare yourself. But if you’re curious, on Nov. 9 you can learn how to make miso paste at a special event at the Gender Equality Center in Tokyo’s Bunkyo Ward.

From 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., a master of miso-making from Kojiya Saburoemon, one of Tokyo’s oldest miso manufacturers, will offer expert instructions and advice. Kojiya takes pride in its traditional miso making and only uses domestically produced rice as well as the finest koji-mold spores. The class aims to teach participants why the seasoning tastes best when made this way, and the master will give a lecture on the history of miso, including information on its health benefits.

Samples of Kojiya’s various miso pastes will be available for tasting and you should be ready to carry home a heavy load, since participants will each be making 2 kg of their own miso during the event.

Miso-making takes place at the Gender Equality Center in Bunkyo Ward on Nov. 9 from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Admission is ¥3,500 per person, and there are only 20 places, so be quick to book. Aprons, work gloves and other kitchen utensils are required. For more information, contact Japan Performing Arts Association at 03-6804-7361.

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