The Little Book of Japan


Staff Writer

Covering a broad range of topics for the first time visitor, yet comprehensive enough for the truly Japan-obsessed, “The Little Book of Japan” is certainly not small in scope. Sectioned into four chapters — Cultural Icons, Traditions, Places and Spiritual Life — this book includes 44 essays from author/anthropologist Charlotte Anderson that provide commentary on elements of Japan’s history, culture and people.

The Little Book of Japan, by Charlotte Anderson and Gorazd Vilhar, Tuttle

With equal attention given to widely known traditions such as cherry blossom viewing and lesser known customs like religious pilgrimages, the book gives an extensive overview of Japan. The book is essentially a picture book and accompanying the text are many vibrant photos taken by Gorazd Vilhar.

From cuisine to geisha, shrines to big cities, this book offers a sneak peek into one of the world’s most fascinating places.