‘Tous Cobayes?’

Adocumentary that will chill you to the bone, “Tous Cobayes?” by French filmmaker Jean-Paul Jaud addresses the enormous risks posed by GMO food, much of which is manufactured and distributed by the kingpin of the franken-food industry: Monsanto. In the last decade, GMO has become a byword for progressive agriculture, with the U.S. being its biggest endorser (GMO labeling is outlawed in North America). The technology is rampant in the fields of South America and India, and is now being tested in Africa.

The jarring news is that Japan is the world’s leading importer of GMO products, primarily soybeans. The Japanese government and media have failed to shed any light on the issue, along with the events in Fukushima, which the film also delves into.

Tous Cobayes? (Sekai ga Taberarenakunaru Hi)

As Jaud reveals, governments across the globe have agreed to test GMOs on lab rats for a three-month period, but Jaud follows a French research institute where the testing continues over a two-year period and the results are harrowing.

In one segment, a French engineer draws three parallels between nuclear power plants and GMOs: The damage they cause is irreversible; both are global concerns; and their contamination remains in the body and is passed onto future generations. Like some alien-invasion cliché, the enemy is already here. (K.S.)