‘God Save My Shoes’


The Why is missing from the How in “God Save My Shoes,” a documentary focusing on the female obsession for footwear. But the package is still a treat — if we can’t afford to buy 300 pairs of sculpted beauties, the next best thing is to salivate over footage of other women throwing open their shoes closets and preening with glory. Directed by Julie Benasra, this is a full solid hour of women and designers explaining their love for things that go on their feet (oh, my heart!).

But no one really has a valid explanation as to why so many women lust after shoes, shoes, shoes. The fetish transcends socially validated female desires such as sex or the need for love or children. It’s a secret, separate entity; an animal over which a woman has little control.

God Save My Shoes (Watashi ga Kutsu wo Aisuru Wake)

Remember Carrie from “Sex and the City?” Her favorite designer, Manolo Blahnik, makes an appearance, as do Christian Louboutin and celebrities such as Fergie and Kelly Rowland. The male designers come out with the wickedest, most painfully gorgeous instruments of torture their twisted minds can envision, and the women gleefully purchase and purring over their creations. No one actually comes out and says that shoes are better than sex. They just leave us to suspect it, the naughty, naughty things.