Fluterscooter brings a new shine to the flute

by Mads Berthelsen

Staff Writer

Without knowing it, you may have already seen a concert featuring Andrea Fisher. The Juilliard School of Music graduate has performed with John Legend and Herbie Hancock, and has spent time in the studio with hip-hop mainstays such as 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa.

The tables will be turned next week when Fisher, better known as Fluterscooter, performs her first solo show in Japan with a roster of interesting support acts, including a “light painter” and a beatboxer.

“Being in Tokyo, which I consider the center of creativity and forward thinking in art, music, and technology, I wanted to find an eclectic bunch of talent here to collaborate with on this show,” Fisher, who now lives in Japan, tells The Japan Times.

The show, dubbed “The Fast and Fluterious: Tokyo Drift,” will feature DJ Dave Clark III, beatboxer Dokaka, taiko drummer Eva Kestner and dancer Adam Munnings.

Fisher hopes to include her audience as part of the performance, too. She is collaborating with light artist Trevor Williams, founder of the Japan-based artist group Fiz-iks, who has created a technique that will enable a few people in the crowd to draw with light during the performance using LED flashlights.

“Like a magician uses members of the audience, I may bring a few members up and give them lights and ask them to draw what they think the music sounds like,” Williams says. “When the song is over, the light trails left behind will form a visual map of what that person thought it sounded like.”

The music itself will mainly be Fisher’s own arrangements of classical and pop music, but her past endeavors in the world of hip-hop are likely to also shine through.

“I wouldn’t exactly call myself a ‘hip-hop flutist,’ but I’ve played a lot of hip-hop,” she says. “I was classically trained, but after I graduated I found myself working more with artists like 50 Cent and John Legend. It was fun, but now it’s time to explore and create my own music. I think Japan is the best place for me to do that.”

Fluterscooter plays the Ginza Apple Store in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, on April 17 (7 p.m.; admission is free). For more information, visit www.fluterscooter.com or www.fiz-iks.com.