Cruising on a summer’s eve in Kagoshima


Staff Writer

Fireworks every night and a four-story boat filled with food and merriment overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Sakurajima Summer Night Cruise should be a fixture on your August calendar.

The first floor of the cruise ship hosts food stalls, including some that feature Kagoshima Prefecture specialties such as okra coffee, green apple chiffon cake and fried fishcakes.

The entertainment is on the second floor. On Aug. 21, a popular Kyushu-based impersonator will give a live performance. On Aug. 27, Kagoshima band BON DX will play cover songs and original music in an acoustic performance. On Aug. 28, a Beatles-inspired band will perform some popular oldies. The Sakurajima Taiko drum group will present an energetic performance Aug. 31. Every Monday and Friday, hula dancers from Pili Aloha studio will put on a show; selected youngsters dance every Tuesday, hip-hop dancers bust their move on Wednesdays, and Thursdays feature either hula or traditional Japanese dancing. Alongside stage performances will be the Sakurajima Maru-Batsu quiz, and a contest where an individual who best praises Sakurajima wins a prize.

The third and fourth floors, the two topmost levels of the vessel, provide dinner where selections include a soba and udon restaurant, and the Kinko Bay Beer Garden where visitors can get full-course meals ranging from Berkshire pork and grilled seafood, while observing the view.

The Sakurajima Summer Night Cruise runs through Aug. 31 at Kinko Bay, Kagoshima Prefecture. Admission is ¥1,000 yen for adults and ¥500 yen for children. For more information, call (099) 293-2525.