Trippple Nippples


Staff Writer

You’re based in Japan, how was it playing at Summer Sonic?

Joseph Lamont (bass/synth/guitar): Awesome. It was weird having the festival’s security guards hold Yuka’s feet when she was walking along the barrier at the front of the crowd. We need to get our own security guards.

Yuka Nippple (vocals): I felt like a member of SMAP. SMAPpple Nippples!

Why did Trippple Nippples, Verbal and Mademoiselle Yulia come together to form Angree Yung Robotz?

JL: Strength in numbers. And I think that to create something original, you have to collaborate, and you have to feed back off other people.

YN: It’s the same thing with a boy-girl relationship. It’s fine to be on your own, but if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, your relationship builds up and your energy grows. The audience feels that energy burst.

James Masheder (synth/electronics): It sort of becomes an army.

Elliott Hasiuk (drums): A lot of bands try to push their own image and they’re not concerned with sharing or working together.

JM: Yeah, there’s a lot going on in Tokyo but it gets separated into its own narrow channels. That’s the beauty of this project: It brings a lot of things together.

You used to throw popcorn at the audience; tonight it was shoes.

JL: Reebok sponsored the tour. I think we should have thrown them out in pairs though, not one by one.

EH: Yes, but this way you have to search for the person who got the matching shoe.

JL: If one couple got together because of us, it would all be worthwhile.