‘Aki Sasamoto: Strange Attractors’


Take Ninagawa

Last performance Jan. 29

Aki Sasamoto, who has been based in New York since completing her MA at Columbia University School of Arts in 2007, created the performance/installation piece “Strange Attractors” for the 2010 Whitney Biennial.

The title “Strange Attractors,” is a term taken from Chaos theory, and the work is a visualization of the world — not just the world of physics and economics, but a world that includes doughnuts, hemorrhoids and other parts of daily life.

Just like its title points to chaos, the installation fills the gallery space with a chaotic collection of objects such as tables, glasses, flash lights, sound systems and doughnut-shaped cushions. Video recorders and projectors either hang from the ceiling or are placed inside the tables.

Sasamoto performs in this space, and for 40 minutes she keeps moving and talking, mentioning how the human body is like a tube similar to a doughnut, where the best doughnut shop is, what its like to suffer from hemorrhoids and secret of loneliness, how seven fortune tellers told her the same possible future and other personal thoughts.

By moving energetically around the space and objects, she also forces the movement of the audience, making them parts of her complex world. After jumping into a big construction tube and coming out from the bottom, Sasamoto distributes doughnuts to the audience and asks them to eat them from the inside out. Then, starts to draw a diagram of human society.

Video cameras record the entire performance and the images are projected simultaneously. By interacting with the audience and rotating the projectors, Sasamoto turns the subject (the audience) to imaginary objects (projected images), exchanging their roles dynamically and unpredictably, like that of a strange attractor. It’s humorous and expressed with much freedom, somewhat reminiscent of the early performances of video and performance art pioneer Joan Jonas.

Take Ninagawa is in Higashi Azabu, near Azabu-juban station. Aki Sasamoto’s final performance is on Jan. 29 from 4 p.m., by reservation only. For more information, contact the gallery at tel/fax: (03) 5571-5844, or visit www.takeninagawa.com