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Best Japanese/overseas albums of 2010: iLoud

Shinsei Kamattechan — “Tsumanne”

Through Internet uploads, Shinsei Kamattechan became a Japanese alternative-rock sensation almost overnight. After watching the band’s stage performance, listening to their sound and reading their lyrics, I believe Shinsei Kamattechan are the most powerful and provocative group in Japan at the moment.

Underworld — “Barking”

In terms of Japan’s club scene, Underworld has a very special presence here. Local audiences awaited Underworld’s new release with a great deal of anticipation. I think “Barking” successfully satisfied Japanese audiences’ almost overwhelming expectations for these electronic music legends.

iLoud is a digital version of Loud Music Magazine, which was launched in April 2007. It provides music news, album reviews and artist interviews in Japanese on a wide variety of musical topics.

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