Best Japanese/overseas albums of 2010: Too Many Sebastians

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Shinichi Osawa — “S02”

We don’t know how “S02” was received, but we think Shinichi Osawa’s second album is the kind of recording that grows on you the more you listen to it, contrasting with his first release under his real name, “The One,” which hooks you the first time you put it on. Of course there are big tracks such as “Zingaro,” “Singapore Swing,” “Paris” and “Love Will Guide You,” but looking at the record as a whole, we believe that Osawa is the only one out there capable of producing an album like it.

Chilly Gonzales — “Ivory Tower”

We admit that when we first came upon this album, the fact that it’s produced by Boys Noize definitely peaked our interest, but those expecting the Boys Noize vibe had their hopes dashed when they listened to “Ivory Tower.” The production has a very delicate touch — reminiscent of his time as Kid Alex — and includes Chilly Gonzales’ magical piano skills, creating a really balanced sound. A true disco album of the kind rarely heard in recent years.

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