Butoh master Maro finds ‘G’


Just seven months after the box-office and critical success of his magnificent and divine dance program “Symphony M,” Akaji Maro is set to stage a new production.

The 66-year-old butoh master is presenting “G. wa Iku,” a new, largely solo program (with a female vibe) at Setagaya Theatre Tram next week.

In “Symphony M,” Maro and the 14 men in his Dairakudakan troupe came together in an imaginative, illusionary chronicle in five scenes that combined to tell the life story of “M” (Maro, or the Master).

This time it’s Dairakudakan’s female apprentices with whom the Master surrounds himself on stage, as they weave together and act out a drama centered on their artistic lives together. Advance publicity for the show teased audiences with verses such as:

“Where G. goes, those brides dance wildly with holy joy in grief.

“Where G. goes, the place is full of light and yet those brides cry.

“Despite that, G. gets up and goes . . . somewhere.”

If you are wondering “Who is ‘G’ ?” Maybe God, Great master, or even Gigii (old man) — then dance your way over to Theatre Tram and watch the master of butoh and his holy brides.

“G. wa Iku” runs from Oct. 14-18 at Setagaya Theatre Tram, a 2-min. walk from Sangenjaya Station on the Den-En-Toshi or Setagaya lines. For more information, call Dairakudakan at (0422) 21-4984 or visit their Web site at www.dairakudakan.com