Sandrine Dahan
Cosmetics company director and CEO, 45
Macron. Why? Because I could never vote for the National Front and Le Pen to develop the French economy. In the first round, I voted for (the Republicans’) Francois Fillon because his economic program was quite good for French people. However, he is out of the race, so I will vote for Macron. It will be the worst thing if Le Pen is elected.

Wayna Eiparraguiwre
Telecommunications manager, 42
I have got to vote for Emmanuel Macron because, first of all, Marine Le Pen is simply not good for the presidency. She rejects foreigners and people from France who are different. We can’t live by rejecting all of the different kinds of people. In France, everybody is welcome from all over the world.

Jessica Dematraz
Ph.D. student, 25
I support Le Pen. I think she has the best program. She is kind to entrepreneurs, disabled people and protects the health sector, such as hospital workers. She works for French people. Instead of foreigners, the priority will be on French people for jobs, apartments and houses. According to the policies of Macron, salaries will be less than they would be under Le Pen per hour.

Dominique Marcel-Huet
Entrepreneur, 60
I support Macron. Reasons for my choice are his leadership and his respectful program, which is suited to the values “Liberty, equality and fraternity,” the values of the French Republic — no liars and cheats. The candidate needs to be able to stand for the process of justice while representing change and modernity for the next generation. That’s why I’ll vote for him.

Julie Marx
Ad business developer, 25
I support Macron, because, first of all, I think he has good ideas — not right, not left, but a bit of both. But now we don’t have a choice: Marine Le Pen is out of the question — extremist, anti-Semitic, racist. She is very dangerous for France. Last week I voted for Macron, but I chose him because of his moderation. Also, his youthfulness is an attractive point.

Anne-Sophie Morvan
Lawyer, 26
Macron, as he’s a new face for the economy in France and we’re all tired of the old politicians who lied to us. Most people want new ideas. Now we have a big immigration problem, which is why many people will vote for Le Pen. She puts a nice face on her program, but we’re afraid that her economic policy would be impossible to enforce from within the EU.

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