Should Japan continue to host American military bases?

Nori Chibana
Stylist, 28 (Japanese)
The marines are basically an attack force, so why are they here? Ground forces may be needed for stability. I grew up near Kadena (base in Okinawa); the forces were necessary in a time of instability, but questions should be asked now.

Yuki Ocho
Student, 22 (Japanese)
I think the American forces are still very necessary for Japan if (war-renouncing) Article 9 of the Constitution is to remain intact. The extreme left do not think of that when they look to get rid of them.

Ayaka Kasahara
Office worker, 24 (Japanese)
I think that the U.S. presence is still necessary because they are protecting Japan, and if they were to leave, the military balance both here and on the continent would be skewed.

Kota Oshino
Fashion press (Japanese)
I’m from Okinawa, but I think its 50/50 whether they should remain or not. They help the local economy in a poor region but there are incidents, such as rape, that suggest they should leave.

Yuri Matsuoka
Student, 23 (Japanese)
It is fine for the American military to remain stationed here in Japan, but serious measures need to be taken to prevent rapes, accidents and other incidents if they are to stay.

Julien Cornu
“Man of mystery,” 29 (French)
I think that the United States military could — and should — leave Japan. The region is much safer than it used to be and they are not needed anymore.