What good cause would you consider supporting?

by Louisa Chan

Steve Morgan
Entrepreneur, 33 (U.S.)
I used to donate to an orphanage in Kawasaki, as well as do volunteer work there. I have kids of my own now, so I don’t have the time anymore.

Akiko Ito
Office worker, 31
Sick children in Japan have to go overseas for difficult operations that aren’t performed here. I don’t donate right now, but in the future I’d like to help children who are ill.

Atsushi Ueda
Engineer, 28
Many forests have been destroyed all over the world. When I have more free time, I would like to volunteer to plant trees so that I can help save the environment.

Marie Nakagomi
Designer, 27
I donate to a Cambodian association that helps those living in poverty. I went to Cambodia four years ago and there’s a big gap between the rich and the poor.

Hiroshi Harada, 45
Small business owner
I stand with a sign in Harajuku on Sundays offering free hugs to strangers. When people have problems, getting a hug makes them happy. It also makes me happy.

Bookkeeper, 27
Small business owner
There are many poor people in the world. I don’t have much money now, but when I do, I’d like to donate as much as possible to everyone who’s in trouble.