What do you think about ‘death penalty’?


Airport rep., 27
In principle, I agree. However, because of the way it’s applied, I believe it shouldn’t exist. Judges are human and they can make mistakes. To judge someone wrongly and execute them is too big a mistake to make.

Yes, I agree. If someone has committed a really bad crime, such as murdering a mother then they should be killed. People who are capable of killing someone will always be bad and they can never be rehabilitated.

Kenichi Kondo
Travel agent, 33
We are all human beings and we can all make mistakes. If it was me and I had killed someone by accident, I would want the opportunity to try again. I believe we are all fundamentally good people and should be given a second chance.

Nick Edmeades
Consultant, 33
I definitely agree with the death penalty. We had a baby-sitter who was brutally murdered and raped. I wish that our society could have been protected from something like that happening in the first place.

Jennifer Yphantides
Teacher, 33
It’s never justified. I wouldn’t want a government to kill someone on my behalf. Statistics show that it doesn’t work as a deterrent and people from lower socio-economic brackets are convicted more often than those in higher brackets.

Ryan Uhl
Consultant, 32
From a psychological perspective, some people can’t be rehabilitated. In those cases, the best thing for our society is to rid ourselves of them. In cases of crimes of passion, though, I don’t think they should be executed.