How do you make a good first impression in a new job?


Hiroshi Aimoto
Public servant, 39
The office is a kind of society, so relationships are important. Appearance is also important. Try to be neat with a good suit, a nice tie and a clean shave. Never be late. Japanese companies don’t trust people who are not punctual.

Atsushi Otsuki
Systems engineer, 38
Never keep direct eye contact with colleagues. Look at the mouth or nose area when speaking to people. In a meeting, never take a drink before your superiors. You should always leave some in the cup, especially if it’s a first meeting.

Richard Orme
You should always be smart and clean shaven. I used to come to work wearing a suit and tie. I’ve relaxed a little now. Recently, I went for the rough and ready beard look. I was concerned how people would react, but it was OK.

Garth Palmer
Student, 23
People are impressed with buzz-words, so you should try to use these. Don’t try to appeal using your childish persona. A lot of Japanese, even middle aged men, tend to act childishly. But, at work, full seriousness is expected.

Keiko Otsuki
Housewife, 38
Always greet people politely. Never dominate a conversation with a colleague; you should always let the other person speak. Wear clean clothes and a big smile. Don’t wear too much make-up at work, a natural look is best.

Aline Beatriz Antunes
Student, 34
Do lots of research before you start to get to know the job and the company. If you can answer questions confidently about the organization and its purpose, you prove you are in the right place. You need security in what you say.