What is your purpose of studying Japanese?


Stuart Kirby
Teacher, 30
My main reason for studying Japanese is to understand my karate sensei when he’s yelling at me, and, obviously, if you’re going to live here a while, then you’re missing out on a lot by not studying Japanese.

Adam Gvenes
I’m studying Japanese just to make living in Japan easier. I’m planning on staying here for a while. I’d like to help Japanese see past their stereotypes of foreigners, and one is that foreigners can’t speak Japanese.

Nathalie Pinto
I’m from Chile. I’m studying Japanese because I live here, so I would like to communicate with people. If you know just a little bit your life changes so much. It’s great to know languages. I know 4 languages so far.

Piie Leino
Student, 17
I like the culture. Because everything is so different, I came here and because I came here, it’s good to learn the language. From Finland, everyone goes somewhere English-speaking, but I wanted to do something totally different.

Arjun Lama
Student, 29
I want to be a Japanese teacher, not here, but in my home country of Nepal. It’s a good job because a lot of people there want to study Japanese, as a lot of Japanese travel to Nepal. I will also use my Japanese in the tourist industry.

Pierre Pergiguier
Intern, 21
Anime was the first reason I got interested in learning Japanese. Then I came to Japan for a month and loved the food and the Japanese attitude. I will probably use my Japanese in a company with ties to Japan.