Do you think violent entertainment leads to real-life violence?


Naomi Kutsuna
Art teacher, 32
Yes — to get ideas, or just to get used to violence. It looks so easy in video games. But it doesn’t make people more violent — people still have their own decision-making abilities.

James England
Design technician, 30
No, I don’t. Violence has existed in societies for thousands of years before TV. Kids can lack interpersonal skills if they play computer games all the time, but whether that breeds violence, I couldn’t say.

Ainsely Painter
Editor, 33
I used to think so until I came to Japan and I saw kids reading violent manga and watching violent anime. With a population of its size, there’s not so much violence. It depends more on the kid.

Jun Ogasawara
Travel agent, 26
Yes. They lose their ability to define what is reality and what is not. When we were kids we just wanted to rebel, but now people kill each other for no reason.

Yukari Abe
Asst. sculptor, 23
Yeah, I think so. There are a lot of really violent shows and games with swords and guns. Now there are more people with strange ideas, so maybe that’s one reason.

David Pike
Teacher, 27
Yes. The problem is children spend too much time playing these games and they tend to lose their ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality. It attracts the weird kids and makes them weirder.