What are your nightlife picks?


Kristi Evans
Dancer, 20
For me it’s been Roppongi because there’s so many foreigners there and it’s open all night. In L.A. everything closes at 2, but here things don’t start until then. It’s been a lot of fun.

Rachel Jackson
Human resources, 27
We like to check out different areas, anywhere but Roppongi. me and my friends have a good game where you go into a new area and go into every tenth bar that you come across.

Ramin Mellegard
Sales, 40
An evening out at a nice restaurant. I like Hanezawa garden in Hiro, it’s very nice especially in summer because of its outdoor area. I like to walk around different areas, watching people and fashions.

Sakae Suzuki
party planner, 31
Going to department stores like Isetan, downstairs to the food courts. I go there every weekend, but I try not to go when I’m hungry because I always buy too much.

Siegfreid Von Vittorelli
Shinjuku Gyoen, to walk around in, and sit, and enjoy the sun. Also Odaiba, the Museum of Innovation and Emerging Science — the robots were good. Also Toyota Megaweb and Fuji TV.

Christiane Prechtl
Designer, 23
Club Unit in Daikanyama. It’s the best club here, and Daikanyama is generally good. Unit has the best sound in Tokyo. Also, the DJs that go there aren’t that famous.