Who do you think will take control of Nippon Broadcasting?


Masanori Wakabayashi
Sales, 35
It depends on Lehman Brothers. I think Livedoor should win, but the government might help Fuji because they’re worried about American hostile takeovers.

Bastien Boizard
Sales engineer, 26
I think it’ll be Fuji Television. I heard in the news recently that Horie’s popularity has declined. He doesn’t project a good image on TV, never wearing a suit, which is important in Japan.

Lawrence Hamilton
Bado practicioner, 39
It’s a defensive maneuver. It an old boy’s play to prevent a hostile takeover, which is no surprise with the Japanese way of using established relations to get what they want.

Alan Gray
Teacher, 35
Livedoor! Because I hate government broadcasters and people who try to dominate too much. (Livedoor’s) Horie came from nowhere, and he deserves to win. I believe Livedoor will run it properly.

Yumiko Wada
Office worker, 38
Fuji TV will win. Old people support it. Livedoor’s way of thinking is opposed to the older generation. Livedoor should win because if they lose it means there has been no change in Japanese society.

Athena Moore
Marketing, 22
I think Fuji TV will win. The Livedoor guy’s younger and that affects his image. Fuji Television has power, an established name and can probably buy off whoever they need to.