Free guides, counseling and a bet



Graham, Operations Manager at the YC&AC (Yokohama Country & Athletic Club) located in Naka-ku, Yokohama, follows up an enquiry about cricket from Jake on June 1.

He says The YC&AC team plays on Sundays from the end of May until the end of September.

Should Jake or anyone else be interested, Graham would love to hear from them. Contact the YC&AC (11-1 Yaguchidai Naka-ku Yokohama 231 8684) on (045) 623-8121; fax: (045) 623-1233 or mobile on (090) 4705 1986.

David Envall was also interested to see cricket getting a mention.

“I suggest Jake visits the following Internet site for information on all the cricket leagues and teams in the Kanto area. rgmjapan. tripod. com/ CURRENTCRICKET01. html

Silver guides

Janet, her husband and parents are coming to Japan towards the end of June and wonder if there are any personal guides in Kamakura.

Janet can contact the city’s Silver Volunteer Service in English on (0467) 24-6548, or by visiting their Web site at www. kcn-net. org/ guide/ index. htm

The guides are retired local people with an interest in history and knowledgeable about their city.

This month, there are two tours on June 22, 24, 26 and 29, which will take in seasonally misted hydrangeas at Hase (site of the largest outdoor Buddha in Japan), and also Kita-Kamakura, visiting points of interest along the way. These routes cover about 4 km and cost 600 yen per person. The July schedule is likely to be different, so check it out.


Maria experienced some emotional problems when she was here in 1997. Now she is back, and again needs support. “I saw this great woman at a place called the Aurora Counselling Centre in Kudanshita. But when I called, no-one there spoke English. How can I find her?”

Clinical Psychologist Dr Ans Kobayashi-Schoot left ACC in 2002.

Ans now offers individual psychotherapy, couple therapy, group therapy, seminars and workshops, and phone counseling under the private practice name Answer Counselling.

You can find her new address and contact numbers on the Web site for International Mental Health Providers — Japan at www. imhpj. org

Japanese thesaurus?

“Sorry to bother you,” writes John in Sendai. “But I have a bet with some colleagues that there is no such thing as a Japanese thesaurus. Am I right?”

Bad luck, John, you’re wrong. A Roget-style Japanese thesaurus — “Nihongo Dai Thesaurus” — was published not so long ago by Taishukan Publishing Company. Availability is no problem (ask in any bookshop), though the price may make you flinch: 15,000 yen (excluding tax).

There again you do get the most amazing value for your money: 1,570 pages containing 320,000 Japanese words and phrases, in 1,044 categories.