For most people, losing weight is about as easy as climbing a mountain on all fours. It's tough work. But for those who still want to try shedding calories (however daunting that might seem), there are any number of dieting methods and theories -- from simply exercising to becoming vegetarian; from eating mountains of kimchi to skipping breakfast, from drinking plenty of water to . . . well, you can pick your brand of torture from an endless list.

There's no doubt: Dieting, whichever way you do it, is definitely a recipe for a lifestyle change. Cut out everything that makes eating a pleasurable experience -- no pizza, no hamburgers, no chocolate and no beer. Instead, resign yourself to salads without dressing, or sandwiches without mayonnaise, washed down with water or oolong tea. And if a newer, thinner you emerges from that long painful period of self-denial, don't bother revamping your wardrobe -- you'll usually end up putting all those calories back on in the blink of an eye.

But you're in luck. All that may be about to change -- and in a most unexpected way.