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Toward an alliance of hope

Commentary / Japan May 12, 2015

Toward an alliance of hope

Japan's agenda under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is simple and straightforward: reform at home and proactive contributions to global peace based on the principle of international cooperation.

Commentary / Japan Jun 27, 2014

Doing more to ensure peace in Asia

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe opines that a framework under which Asian governments publicly disclose their military budgets needs to be established if we are to build trust and avoid a regional arms race.

Commentary / Japan Jun 6, 2014

Securing the rule of law at sea

To resolve conflicting territorial claims in Southeast Asia, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe calls upon governments in the region to return to the spirit and provisions of the 2002 Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea.

Commentary / Japan Apr 22, 2014

The second opening of Japan

To make a proactive contribution to peace, Japan will bear its share of responsibility for assuring the security that supports global prosperity and stability, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declares.

Commentary / Japan Jan 28, 2014

New dawn breaking over Japan

Writing from Davos, Switzerland, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says it is not twilight, but a new dawn, that is breaking over Japan, thanks to his administration's overcoming the notion that certain reforms could never be carried out.

Africa and Japan: A true win-win duo

World | TICAD V SPECIAL Jun 1, 2013

Africa and Japan: A true win-win duo

TICAD meets again, for the fifth time, in Yokohama. Coinciding with the Golden Jubilee for the African Union, dozens of heads of state from across the continent will bring their passion, zeal and renewed confidence over here to tell us in unison that Africa ...