Mariko Katsumura
Jul 10, 2024
Tokyo residents seek to block building of massive data center
Residents of Akishima are concerned the center will threaten wildlife and cause pollution among other issues.
Ryu Kawane works at the Costco store in Meiwa, Gunma Prefecture. Costco's high pay has triggered wage hikes at other businesses in town.
BUSINESS / Companies
Jun 6, 2024
Costco's Japan wages provide pathway to firing up nation's low pay and economy
A sustainable rise in wages is a key goal for Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and the Bank of Japan says it's a crucial factor for normalizing monetary policy.
Participants take part in a matchmaking event organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government at Jindai Botanical Gardens on Wednesday.
JAPAN / Society
Mar 23, 2024
Tokyo, Tokyo, make me a match! Metropolis hopes AI app will spur marriages
The app will ask matrimonial hopefuls more than 100 questions as the capital seeks to curb declining numbers of marriages and births.
Bank of Japan Gov. Kazuo Ueda (center) and Deputy Govs. Ryozo Himino (left) and Shinichi Uchida (right) attend a news conference at the bank headquarters in Tokyo in April 2023
Mar 20, 2024
How the Bank of Japan's plan for a smooth stimulus exit unfolded
The decision was complicated by differences between BOJ Gov. Kazuo Ueda's two deputies, as well as the governor's wavering on the exit timing.
The average price for a new condominium in central Tokyo rose 60% to a record ¥129.6 million ($865,000) in the first half of this year.
BUSINESS / Economy
Oct 4, 2023
Surging Tokyo property prices squeeze out young professionals
The average price for a new condominium in central Tokyo rose 60% to a record ¥129.6 million ($865,000) in the first half of this year.
Rickshaw pullers in Tokyo walk or run an average of 20 kilometers a day and, in addition to being physically strong, they must have extensive knowledge of the city.
JAPAN / Society
Oct 3, 2023
Social media inspires Japanese women to dash into rickshaw work
Rickshaw pullers must have extensive knowledge of Tokyo and know how to engage the tourists who mostly hire them for sightseeing.
Japan Times
Mar 4, 2023
Family office of Nintendo heirs says patience is a superpower
The investment firm is willing to play a long game when it comes to portfolio companies and can wait more than a decade to see a turnaround, a top executive said.


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