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The Bank of Japan's headquarters in Tokyo. Some investors are expecting the central bank to cut bond purchases this month and then raise rates in July.
Jun 5, 2024
BOJ weighs reducing bond buys as early as June meeting
The bank will conclude its two-day policy meeting on June 14.
The Bank of Japan headquarters in Tokyo
BUSINESS / Economy
May 17, 2024
BOJ could raise rates as soon as June, ex-chief economist says
An increasing number of analysts have flagged the risk of a summer hike as the sinking yen raises the risks of the price trend moving higher.
Bank of Japan Gov. Kazuo Ueda hasn’t ruled out responding to exchange rates with a policy move if the impact on prices is seen to be "non-negligible.”
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Apr 23, 2024
BOJ to hold rates with focus on hawkish signals to buoy yen
Gov. Kazuo Ueda and his fellow board members are set to keep the short-term rate around 0% to 0.1% at the end of their two-day policy meeting.
The Bank of Japan headquarters in Tokyo. The central bank will probably discuss revising up its projection for growth in consumer prices for the current fiscal year, sources said.
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Apr 10, 2024
BOJ said to mull raising inflation view on strong pay deals
Rising oil prices and the weak yen are spurring inflationary pressure that could fuel speculation of earlier moves by the BOJ.
The Bank of Japan's steady policy normalization process will probably start next year, with potentially a 25-basis-point rate increase every six months, a former policy board member says.
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Apr 4, 2024
BOJ will wait until October before hiking rates again, says ex-board member
Makoto Sakurai believes a steady policy normalization process may start next year, with potentially a 25-basis-point rate increase every six months.
The Bank of Japan headquarters in Tokyo. While some BOJ watchers flag the risk the BOJ could move quickly to raise interest rates again, Tsutomu Watanabe, who was a potential governor candidate last year, says he doesn't think the move will come so soon.
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Apr 1, 2024
BOJ’s next hike likely in October at earliest, ex-official says
The views of Tsutomu Watanabe contrast with those of some BOJ watchers who flag the risk the BOJ could move quickly as the yen slumps near a 34-year low.
The Bank of Japan headquarters in Tokyo. A survey by Bloomberg indicates a majority of analysts surveyed doesn’t expect another rate hike as a base case, but plenty of others are warning that the BOJ may not be finished.
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Mar 20, 2024
Investors and economists split on whether BOJ will raise rates again
By moving in March instead of the consensus view of April, Gov. Kazuo Ueda secured space to raise borrowing costs again if data supports the case.
Bank of Japan Gov. Kazuo Ueda speaks at a forum in Tokyo on Tuesday. Tackling a bloated balance sheet is set to be a challenging hurdle for the central bank.
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Mar 6, 2024
Normalizing Bank of Japan's balance sheet will take nine years, says ex-official
Failing to issue guidance on the planned normalization could lead to high market volatility in yields, former Executive Director Kenzo Yamamoto warns.
The Bank of Japan is facing hardly any signs of opposition to scrapping its negative interest rate as the strongest price growth in decades weighs on households and businesses.
BUSINESS / Economy
Feb 28, 2024
BOJ should make straightforward policy shift, top finance professor says
Exiting policy should be like business as usual, said Hiroshi Yoshikawa, professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo and a friend of BOJ Gov. Kazuo Ueda.
Stronger annual wage negotiation results are likely to pave the way for the Bank of Japan to end its negative interest rate by this spring, a former BOJ official says.
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Jan 16, 2024
Wage gains of 4% would pave way for BOJ rate hike, ex-official says
Market participants are monitoring annual wage talks closely as they may be a decisive factor in prompting Japan's central bank to end the world’s last negative rate.
The Bank of Japan is fully prepared to put an end to the world’s last negative interest rate, an ex-official has said.
BUSINESS / Economy
Jan 11, 2024
BOJ fully prepared to end negative rate, likely in April: ex-official
"They are just waiting for one last push from one or two economic data,” said former board member Makoto Sakurai.
The Bank of Japan is likely to keep its monetary stimulus settings unchanged at a two-day policy meeting ending Dec. 19, despite recent market speculation that the negative rate may be scrapped as soon as the December meeting.
BUSINESS / Markets
Dec 11, 2023
BOJ sees little need to end negative rate in December: sources
Bank officials are yet to see enough evidence of wage growth that would support sustainable inflation.
The Bank of Japan headquarters in Tokyo. The central bank has yet to step into the real estate investment trusts market this year, after purchases every year since 2010 to help lower risks in the property market.
Nov 22, 2023
BOJ pulls back from risk asset buying in sign of normalization
The lack of buying comes amid simmering speculation that the Bank of Japan will scrap its negative interest rate and control of government bond yields.
The Bank of Japan headquarters in Tokyo. BOJ officials responded in July to upside risks to inflation by essentially raising the upper limit for 10-year bond yields, in the first surprise move under Gov. Kazuo Ueda.
Oct 6, 2023
BOJ may review easing and guidance this month, ex-official says
The central bank faces a recent rise in yields, the yen’s slide and inflation consistently coming in stronger than expected.
Bank of Japan Gov. Kazuo Ueda has repeatedly pushed back against the idea that a major pivot on policy is looming by emphasizing his doubts about the sustainability of price rises.
BUSINESS / Economy
Jul 25, 2023
BOJ set to stick with easing as markets see clock ticking on yield control
Since taking the helm in April, Gov. Kazuo Ueda has repeatedly pushed back against the idea that a major pivot on policy is looming.
Japan Times
Jul 14, 2023
BOJ to tweak yield control this month, ex-official says
Hideo Hayakawa, who is also a former BOJ chief economist, said that the central bank must raise its inflation outlook for this fiscal year to match reality.
Japan Times
Jun 11, 2023
BOJ is said to see little need to tweak yield controls for now
The officials say inflation is running stronger than expected, a factor that raises the chance of the BOJ upgrading its inflation forecast in a quarterly economic outlook report in July.
Japan Times
May 31, 2023
BOJ to hold policy amid election chatter, ex-board member says
The BOJ will refrain from changing its 'yield curve control' program while speculation continues to swirl that the prime minister will call a snap election, according to an ex-board member.
Japan Times
May 26, 2023
BOJ’s Ueda says wages aren’t the goal as he keeps speculators in dark
The remarks leave room for the bank to be nimble about how and when it will be convinced about the prospect of price gains.
Japan Times
Apr 26, 2023
Japan regulator asks banks to examine social media risks after SVB case
The FSA asked lenders to prepare crisis management manuals and examine their liquidity and risk management systems, sources have said.


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