Peres Jepchirchir of Kenya celebrates after winning gold in the women's Olympic marathon in Sapporo in August 2021.
Jun 26, 2024
At Paris Olympics, women athletes finally reach parity
When the event was revived by French aristocrat Pierre de Coubertin, he saw it as a celebration of gentlemanly athleticism "with female applause as its reward."
The Eiffel Tower is seen from the water of the River Seine
Jun 25, 2024
River Seine's water quality in doubt as Paris counts down to Olympics
Heavy rain in May and June has caused major pollution problems in the river.
The River Seine near the Eiffel Tower in Paris as a heat wave hits France in August 2022.
Jun 19, 2024
New report warns of heat danger at Paris Olympics
The report said conditions in Paris could be worse than the last Games in Tokyo in 2021.
During a visit to an Olympic exhibition in Paris on Tuesday, former U.S. athlete and Olympic champion Tommie Smith raises his fist in front of a photograph taken by Neil Leifer in which Smith (center) and his countryman John Carlos are raising their fists to protest racial discrimination during the 1968 Games in Mexico City.
Jun 13, 2024
Olympic anti-racism icon Tommie Smith sees no successors
Smith believes modern athletes are less political than before despite the need to continue fighting racism, including in the U.S. where it "could not get any worse."
IOC President Thomas Bach speaks during an interview in Lausanne, Switzerland, on Thursday.
Apr 28, 2024
Interest in hosting Olympics 'never so high,' says IOC boss
After a string of Games in wealthy democracies, 2036 could be an opportunity for Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Indonesia or India.
Armed French soldiers patrol Trocadero square near the Eiffel Tower Stadium, Champ de Mars Arena and Grand Palais Ephemere venues under construction for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, in Paris on April 1.
WORLD / Society
Apr 16, 2024
Is fractious France ready for an Olympics party?
The buildup has been marred by rows that go to the heart of a bitter national debate about identity and race.
The Eiffel Tower Stadium, under construction for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, in Paris on April 13
Apr 16, 2024
Stadiums rise at Paris landmarks ahead of Olympics
"The city's being tidied up and the monuments are clean. It's going to be great," said one resident.
Ahead of the Paris Games, authorities are conducting three preliminary investigations into possible favoritism in the awarding of around 20 contracts worth tens of millions of euros, while a fourth is scrutinizing the pay of chief organizer Tony Estanguet.
Feb 21, 2024
Paris 2024: A 'new era' of corruption-free Olympics?
Ahead of the Paris Olympics in July and August, French prosecutors are working on four probes into possible wrongdoing.
Ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics, resentment lingers over the handling of ticket sales last year that saw many locals priced out.
Jan 23, 2024
French gloom clouds Paris Olympics, six months from start
Several recent announcements have led to a spike in negative publicity for the sporting mega-event, which will start in just six months.
Police officers protest in Marseille, France, on Thursday, calling for "exceptional measures" in compensation for their compulsory presence at the 2024 Paris Olympics.
Jan 19, 2024
Protesting police highlight strike risk to Paris Olympics
French authorities are scrambling to settle pay deals with unions who are demanding bonuses for working during the July 26 to Aug. 11 Olympics.
Japan Times
Mar 22, 2023
Macron defiant as anger grows over French pension reform
Ignoring calls from opponents, Macron said there would be no government reshuffle, no fresh parliamentary elections and no referendum on his controversial pension reform.
Japan Times
Feb 13, 2023
Seizing Russian assets is easier said than done
Economic sanctions against Moscow have seen an estimated $350 billion in state assets, foreign reserves and oligarch property frozen by Western banks and officials.
Japan Times
Oct 8, 2022
Putin 'in a corner' with options narrowing
The question of 'off-ramps' — or decisions that allow the Russian leader to end the fighting without admitting defeat — continues to vex Western analysts, who see no good options.
Japan Times
Sep 16, 2022
A week as king: How has Charles III fared?
The 73-year-old new king has won almost universal praise in the media, but his first week in power has not been entirely blemish-free.
Japan Times
Sep 13, 2022
As royals mourn death of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Andrew makes awkward reappearance
The 62-year-old Duke of York stood out Monday as he walked behind the queen's coffin in Edinburgh, the only child of the late monarch in civilian dress.


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