Kurumi Mori
Japan Times
Jan 16, 2023
Wagyu goes high tech to meet surging demand
Farmers say overseas wagyu fans help make up for weak domestic demand, particularly in premium cuts such as sirloin.
Japan Times
Nov 22, 2022
Japanese offices welcoming dogs in bid to encourage owner well-being
Fujitsu is trialing a new dog-friendly office until the end of the year at its building in Kawasaki as a way to improve employee well-being and productivity.
Japan Times
Oct 8, 2022
More robots, less cash and new Shibuya await tourists back to Japan
Japan is opening up again after closing its borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic for almost three years — and boy have things changed. Here's a quick rundown of what to expect.
Japan Times
Jun 17, 2022
Japan seeing few visitors one week after wary border reopening
Restrictions such as mandatory mask-wearing and limited free movement appear to be making it difficult to plan for and attract visitors.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Society
Nov 9, 2019
Barred from wearing glasses, Japan's working women take to Twitter
Many Japanese women are fighting for the right to wear eyeglasses to work, a new front in the growing movement that demands an end to the prescriptive beauty standards faced by female employees.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Society
Jan 23, 2019
What #MeToo? Dealmaking in escort bars thrives in corporate East Asia, including Japan
In Tokyo's Ginza, Seoul's Gangnam and Beijing's Chaoyang financial district, a familiar scene plays out almost every night of the work week. As dusk falls, businessmen flock to karaoke and hostess clubs to close deals and build relationships in the liquor-lubricated intimacy of young women.
Japan Times
Oct 4, 2018
Moms continue to face hurdles returning to work as Abe wavers on day care and women's empowerment goals
Two years ago, an online rant about the lack of day care in Japan went viral on social media and seemingly started a movement, prompting working mothers to stage demonstrations in which they demanded the government take them seriously and offer more child care.
JAPAN / Politics
Jun 7, 2018
For Abe, Japanese abductees bigger issue than missiles in Trump-Kim summit
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has plenty to worry about ahead of Donald Trump's meeting with Kim Jong Un next week, including the prospect of a deal that undermines Japan's six-decade security alliance with the U.S. and leaves the island nation vulnerable to attack.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Society
May 15, 2018
Me Too becomes We Too in victim-blaming Japan
Monica Fukuhara was a college student working at a restaurant when it happened to her. As she was saying goodbye to a customer, he grabbed her chest, she said.


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