Hime is an 11-year-old black and tan shiba inu who commutes 30 minutes everyday in Japan with her owner for a full day of work — which includes plenty of sleep, snacks and play time. She’s one of dozens of canines accompanying employees at IT firm Fujitsu Ltd.’s experimental dog office.

"I just love watching her get all the love and attention from everyone,” said Hime’s owner, Mayumi Shioda, an associate in the corporate affairs division, as she sat down next to the dog on a couch.

Fujitsu is trialing its new dog office until the end of the year at its building in Kawasaki as a way to improve employee well-being and productivity. A 2021 study published in the journal Animals found that having dogs in the office leads to more social interaction and cross-department exchange, and contributes to greater well-being and job satisfaction.