Linda Inoki
Apr 19, 2001
Yae-zakura (Double cherry blossom)
"As for cherry blossoms, the single-petaled variety is preferable. The double-cherry trees formerly grew only at the capital in Nara, but lately they seem to have become common everywhere. The cherry blossoms of Yoshino and the 'left guard' tree of the palace are all single. The double-petaled cherry...
Apr 18, 2001
A seductive city reveals its essence
One of the places where a little Vivaldi would make perfect background music is the exhibition "Venetian Paintings of the 18th Century," now at the Ueno Royal Museum.
Apr 12, 2001
Yamabuki (Kerria japonica)
Murasaki had prepared the floral offerings. She chose eight of her prettiest little girls to deliver them, dressing four as birds and four as butterflies. The birds brought cherry blossoms in silver vases, the butterflies yamabuki in gold.
Apr 11, 2001
How Italy taught the world to see
In many ways, Renaissance artists taught us how to see.
Japan Times
Apr 5, 2001
Somei-Yoshino cherry blossom
This perfectly still Spring day bathed in the soft lightFrom the spread-out sky, Why do the cherry blossomsSo restlessly scatter down? -- Ki no Tomonori
Mar 24, 2001
Art without frontiers that speaks to the soul
It is so easy to fail in abstract art, and so difficult to succeed in calligraphy.Yet Toko Shinoda has the rare ability to fuse both forms of expression, in paintings that strike to the heart. Her work may be severe, intense and personal, but it is not inscrutable. Rather, it is poetic, and speaks of...
Mar 11, 2001
How Klimt's Vienna changed the world
There are two paintings of artist's studios that say it all. The first is part castle, part Old Curiosity Shop, packed with statues, bearskins and whatnot, where a successful Viennese artist of the old school sits in gloomy splendor. The second is filled with light. There is no artist, but a woman's...
Feb 18, 2001
Renoir's transition to Old Master
Renoir's world is a chocolate box, full of plump women, sweet children and pastel whirls. But even if you prefer paintings with more bite, do not dismiss Bridgestone's new Renoir exhibition. This interesting selection reveals a talent of more depth and restlessness than you may have seen before.
Feb 11, 2001
More than 15 minutes of fame
In many ways, prints take the pulse of modern art. The flowering of techniques early in the 20th century gave artists a wild new freedom of expression, just as their personal opinions and emotions began to move center stage. Prints also reflected the growing democracy of art, the seismic shift that occurred...
Feb 11, 2001
A passage to modern sculpture
There is a wraith of a bird stalking the basement of the Canadian Embassy, and if you are interested in contemporary sculpture it is worth tracking down. "Passages" shows 20 works by four Canadian artists, ranging from whimsical wildlife to meditations on a cube.
Jan 28, 2001
Elegance in everyday sculptures
In the 19th century, ukiyo-e wood block prints and ornamental toggles for pouches -- netsuke -- were greatly prized in the West. But to most Japanese, in the whirl of modernization, they were simply old-fashioned aspects of a fading way of life.
Jan 14, 2001
Ensor, Delvaux span era of art
Skeletons in fancy dress fight over a corpse with brushes and mops. Women wearing nothing but pink bows and dreamy smiles trail through classic courtyards, while mountains crumble at their feet. "From Ensor to Delvaux," is a glimpse into the weird and wonderful world of 20th century Belgian art. The...
Dec 31, 2000
The art of being a farm village
"Grez was an idyllic little place," wrote a Swedish artist in 1884, "offering subjects wherever you looked . . . the river with its watermills and little waterfalls, the sun on white walls, old men in clogs, old women in coifs, girls in the sunshine, hens and ducks, grazing cattle, groves, fields and...
Dec 16, 2000
Walk through a cool landscape
"N.Y. Manhattan 9 Avril" by Sho Fukumoto, 1994, oil on canvas Perhaps he is a poet, this painter who can capture the promise of a Venetian morning. Or a philosopher, who can make the New York skyline a mystery in blue.
Dec 10, 2000
Filling in the contours of a changing world
Sometimes people are disappointed with the quality of exhibitions visiting Japan, but there are no reservations about the superb drawings now at the Tobu Museum of Art.
Nov 26, 2000
The modernist innovations of Mackintosh
Tall, dark and handsome, the chairs of Charles Rennie Mackintosh are international objects of desire. Belying their age, they stand in design studios, hotel lobbies and private homes like stylish question marks.
Oct 29, 2000
The painting of Zen: Seeing the funny side of it all
In art as in philosophy, Zen revels in contradiction. The picture of an ant running endlessly round a grindstone is a comment on futility. A priest, on the brink of spiritual discovery, is not in elegant robes or mystic postures but wearing a battered straw raincoat, resting on a walking stick.
Oct 22, 2000
Holding art and utility in our hands
Amid the sensationalism of much contemporary art, it is refreshing to sense honest artistry in metal, clay and wood. "Thoughts on Contemporary Vessels" at the Crafts Gallery of the National Museum of Modern Art is an exhibition centered on the humble cup, bowl or jar. And it reveals crafts that are as...
Oct 8, 2000
History and literature both enrobed
It is a mystery. How people took threads of silk and steeped them in poetry, passion and pride. How the line between art and life blurred in the weaver's hands. How, in short, Japanese artisans created garments that went far beyond fashion to enter the timeless realm of beauty.
Oct 1, 2000
Van Gogh, up close and personal
There is a rapid sketch by Vincent van Gogh of a sunny square in the south of France where a man is waiting expectantly by an open door. In the distance, a steam train is arriving, puffing smoke into the sky. It is just a simple drawing of a corner of Arles in 1888. But when we realize that the man is...


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