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I became drawn to The Japan Times at an early age. As a voracious consumer of news, I enjoyed reading newspapers since I was in elementary school. My father was a university professor in American literature and occasionally read The Japan Times. Back then, I could not read English. But reading (or pretending to read) The Japan Times made me feel mature and sophisticated.

Being a bilingual reporter was my dream. After I learned English and completed high school in Hawaii, I studied journalism at Syracuse University in New York. Throughout my years abroad, I had The Japan Times in my sights.

The Japan Times stood at an intersection of my background. The Japan Times seemed like a perfect platform to work for, reporting on Japanese affairs thoroughly every day, unlike the other foreign news media.

Right now, I cover Japanese economy, specifically trade, fiscal policy and the Carlos Ghosn/Nissan drama. I go to news conferences and ask cabinet ministers questions. I call and interview company leaders and experts.

What I cover is complicated. But Japan Times editors couldn’t care less of one’s background, in a good way. They give young reporters like me big assignments. They do that because they trust the reporters and their abilities. They know when to step in and help reporters. The editor-reporter relationship can be tricky, but here at The Japan Times, we are able to have honest, professional discussions.

While I was in the U.S., I befriended many talented reporters. In the future, I yearn to write long-form human interest stories as well as investigative pieces like they do for The Japan Times. Their skill to reconstruct the scene vividly fascinates me.

There are many stories out there waiting to be told. Will you join the team to tell them?

「How we make The Japan Times」


「世界に開く日本の窓」としての役割を果たすべく、政治、経済、文化、社会、そしてスポーツ記事を通じ日本の現状と世界の動向を報道してきました。世界中の人が利用するThe Japan Times website (は、国内最大級の英文ニュースサイトとして多様で独自性のあるコンテンツを揃えています。

Although the landscape is changing, the news is still the news. And The Japan Times is still delivering it, day in and day out. This is how we do it.