Tokyo, June 14, 2019 ‐ The Japan Times, Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Representative: Takeharu Tsutsumi) is announcing a price adjustment for its print edition. The monthly subscription price of The Japan Times / The New York Times will be adjusted to ¥5,660 (up from the current ¥5,143). The price of a single issue of the daily paper will be ¥230 (up from ¥210) and for The Japan Times On Sunday (the Sunday edition), the price will be ¥280 (up from ¥260).

We take great pride in our original news reporting and the features written by our staff writers and contributors. In our ongoing efforts to bring you more relevance and insight into the topics and issues of the day, we will continue to expand our coverage of current events in Japan, as well as implement more innovations and additions to our print and digital content.

We seek your continued patronage and support.

Added value from The Japan Times beginning July 2019
The Argument
Issues are rarely black and white. To better understand the conversation in Japan, we’re launching a new page featuring experts with contrasting views to break it down and hash it out.

Foreign workers
As the nation adjusts to changing immigration policies, we’ll be maintaining our focus on issues affecting foreign workers in Japan, ranging from their impact on businesses and the economy to their adjustment to Japanese society.

In addition to reporting the straight news, we’ll be regularly providing readers with all the background and context required to understand key issues in a timely fashion.

Opinion and analysis
With an expanded stable of contributors, we’ll be offering more expert analysis and big-picture commentary on the issues impacting Japan and Asia.

We’ll be stepping up our national and local coverage with more original content, in addition to stories straight out of local media.

Insider Report
As the country’s business scene changes, we’ll be asking industry insiders to provide information about the trends and inner workings of Japanese companies.

The Japan Times On Sunday
The Japan Times On Sunday is being fine-tuned to give you a rich weekend reading experience anchored by our signature long-form feature, TimeOut. We’ll also be launching a new series of visual features in collaboration with Sekai Bunka Publishing Inc.’s Kateigaho International Japan Edition.

Deep Dive
We’ll use the best tools and right channels to tell stories that look beneath the surface of Japan, be it through our long-form features with compelling photography and videos or our behind-in-the-scenes podcast, Deep Dive.

Disaster portal
Disasters can strike at any time. To keep you informed during emergencies, we are preparing a portal site, to be launched in summer 2019, dedicated to natural disasters and relief-related information.

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