• Kyodo


The reconstruction of maps created by Ino Tadataka, a surveyor of the late Edo Period, has been completed, the Geographical Survey Institute has announced.

The collection, covering the entire country, will be displayed at Kobe City Museum from Friday. The maps will be exhibited at 15 other venues in 10 prefectures until January.

Ino’s original work, based on a coastal survey, was destroyed in a fire, but 207 map copies were discovered in the U.S. Library of Congress in 2001. The digital data record borrowed from the library enabled the institute to reconstruct the maps.

At venues in Nagoya, Kushiro in Hokkaido, and Chiba, the entire collection of 207 maps, measuring 60 meters by 30 meters, will be displayed on the floor.

Born in Kazusa Province — now part of Chiba Prefecture — Ino was the first to use Western scientific methods in his surveys of Japan. His maps served as the basis for Japanese map-making from the Meiji Period.