/ Dec 9, 2016

China's colleges must serve the Communist Party, Xi says

China's President Xi Jinping has called for allegiance to the ruling Communist Party from the country's colleges and universities, the latest effort by Beijing to tighten its hold on education. The government has campaigned against the spread of "Western values" at universities, and in January ...

/ Feb 5, 2015

Argentine president's tweets on Chinese accent cause furor

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez, while on a state visit to China seeking badly needed investment, caused a furor Wednesday by joking about her hosts' accents on Twitter. Fernandez tried to mimic a Chinese accent by switching "r's" with "l's" in a tweet in Spanish that ...

/ Jan 23, 2013

Kim's second test is Xi's first


North Korea's new supreme leader Kim Jong Un conducted two missile tests last year. The first, in April, failed. The second, in December, was by all accounts a huge success. But it was not just a test of North Korea's ability to put an ...