Jun 22, 2017

Feasibility of Koike's Tsukiji market decision

Yuriko Koike's plan to relocate the capital's Tsukiji wholesale market to the new site in the Toyosu waterfront area — while also redeveloping the Tsukiji site in five years without selling it off as scheduled— seems to raise more questions than answer

Panel confirms perjury occurred in Tsukiji move testimony

May 31, 2017

Panel confirms perjury occurred in Tsukiji move testimony

A special investigation committee of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly confirmed Wednesday that a former deputy governor gave false testimony in March about his role in the Tsukiji fish market relocation plan. The committee approved the judgment of perjury for Takeo Hamauzu with the backing of ...

May 12, 2017

Benzene found in gas in soil under Tsukiji market

Cancer-causing Benzene has been detected in gas in soil under the Tsukiji wholesale food market, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said. But the metro government said no health hazards are expected to be found because the ground is covered with concrete and other foundation materials. In any ...