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The NanoTerasu facility uses special X-rays to enable researchers to analyze at the nanometer level the properties and functions of materials that cannot be identified with the naked eye.
JAPAN / Science & Health
Apr 22, 2024
NanoTerasu accelerator goes into operation in northeastern Japan
The technology is expected to be used in research in a wide range of areas, from food to medicine.
Phytochemical Products CEO Makiko Kato (second from right) and Chief Technology Officer and professor Naomi Kitakawa (right) at the startup's laboratory in Sendai
BUSINESS / Companies / Regional Voices: Tohoku
Mar 18, 2024
Tohoku University startup opens path to waste oil recycling
Its proprietary technology allows it to extract useful compounds from waste oil to produce biofuel and other products.
A book of letters from Japanese students thanking the United States for its support after the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake
JAPAN / History
Jan 2, 2024
Student letters from 1923 quake preserved by kin of U.S. president
The letters were written in English by students from disaster-affected areas and elsewhere in Japan.
A research has found that hexaraphane — a component found in wasabi — helps improve the episodic and working memories of elderly people.
JAPAN / Science & Health
Nov 26, 2023
Wasabi effective in improving memory of elderly: study
In addition to known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, new research indicates improvements in episodic and working memories.
A Japanese research team has identified three genetically distinct populations of the Japanese honeybee.
JAPAN / Science & Health
Oct 16, 2023
Three genetically distinct groups found for Japanese honeybee
Temperature rises caused by global warming could lead to a decline in the species.
Tohoku University in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture
JAPAN / Society
Sep 5, 2023
Why Tohoku University was picked as first beneficiary of new university fund
The fact it was picked as the sole recipient, and over two prestigious universities seen as front-runners, has shocked Japan's academic community.
Tohoku University in Sendai
Sep 1, 2023
Tohoku University named as first recipient in state subsidy program
The education ministry says that a number of universities will be chosen for the program.
Japan Times
Jun 27, 2023
Japanese government shortlists three universities for research institute grant
The new designation system has been introduced as Japanese universities have fallen behind overseas institutions in recent years.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health
Jan 30, 2023
From lessons of 3/11, Japan scientists share knowledge of disaster resilience across Pacific
As Japan’s top researchers continue to glean new information from 3/11, some scientists are aiming to pass on that knowledge to the rest of the disaster-prone Pacific Rim.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health
Jan 9, 2023
How researchers in disaster-prone Japan and the Pacific are rethinking city design
In the years following the 2011 megaquake and tsunami, seawalls have proliferated along northeastern Japan's Pacific coast. Some researchers are pushing for an alternative approach.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Women at Work
Aug 16, 2022
Creating parity in the field of science in Japan
Noriko Osumi is one of the highest-ranking female scientists in Japan, and has worked to address the structural causes behind the severe lack of women within certain academic fields.
Japan Times
May 29, 2022
Four Japanese universities set to apply for ¥10 trillion government fund
Nagoya University and Osaka University are among the schools that intend to apply for the funds, established as part of efforts to promote science and technology in Japan.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health
Mar 3, 2021
This patch developed in Japan could let you vaccinate yourself
The 'biobattery-powered microneedle patch' allows a vaccine to be absorbed faster than with the medical patches currently available commercially.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health
Nov 3, 2020
Tests on mice in space uncover protein that may combat aging
Experiments on mice that were taken to the International Space Station have shown an internal protein has the potential to help slow the aging process, according to a joint study by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and Tohoku University.
Japan Times
Nov 5, 2018
Study finds 80% of rescue hashtags were unrelated to emergencies during July deluge
A vast majority of uses of the hashtag #kyu016bjo — which means rescue in Japanese — posted on Twitter during the deadly flooding last summer were unrelated to calls for help.
Japan Times
Dec 4, 2016
Big Bears, Fighters to square off in Koshien Bowl
Yuta Sasaki threw three touchdown passes in the first half as the Waseda University Big Bears routed the Tohoku University Hornets 47-2 on Sunday at Amino Vital Field in Chofu, Tokyo, in the Eastern Japan Championship.
Japan Times
Mar 11, 2016
Tohoku team touts Robo-Dog technology in disaster rescues
Scientists are looking to put a new kind of dog into the fight to rescue survivors of future disasters: a canine strapped into a high-tech vest that will allow it to function somewhat like a robot.
Feb 21, 2016
Few hospitals have support plans in place to deal with feared Nankai Trough quake
Only 8 percent of coastal hospitals thought at risk from the dreaded Nankai Trough earthquake have plans in place to arrange for external assistance, a study says.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health
Jan 20, 2016
Japanese team develops promising breast cancer detection method
A team of researchers from Tohoku University has developed a new method to detect breast cancer by combining a mammogram with an ultrasound in a procedure that appears to be more accurate than mammogram testing alone.
JAPAN / Science & Health
Nov 5, 2015
Ultrasound combined with mammography aid in early breast cancer detection, study finds
Researchers from Tohoku University have found that ultrasound screening combined with mammography aid in early detection of breast cancer.


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