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Japan Times
Jun 30, 2013
South Africa whips Japan in Rugby World Cup Sevens
Japan's men suffered their second straight Pool B defeat at the Rugby World Cup Sevens in Moscow on Saturday, losing 33-0 to South Africa and falling out of contention for the championship.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Politics
Jun 5, 2013
Invest in South Africa, Zuma tells Japanese firms
South Africa's economy is rapidly growing and it welcomes investments from Japanese firms, South African President Jacob Zuma said Tuesday in a speech in Tokyo.
Japan Times
Mar 24, 2013
World faces rhino horn dilemma
Wildlife parts are valuable. A general rule of thumb is that the bigger the beast, the bigger the price. You don't get much bigger than a white rhino (3,000 kg). It is the largest grazing (i.e., purely grass-eating) animal that has ever lived. Its horn is worth, gram for gram, more than gold.


Traditional folk rituals like Mizudome-no-mai (dance to stop the rain) provide a sense of agency to a population that feels largely powerless in the face of the climate crisis.
As climate extremes intensify, Japan embraces ancient weather rituals