Kazuko Akahoshi
Housewife, 45 (Japanese)
South Korea. I have many Korean friends and I love going to Seoul. It is a wonderful city for shopping, eating and pampering yourself. Some of the food is rather like delicacies you can find in Japan, yet subtly different, such as tok, their version of our mochi (pounded rice cakes) and their chicken stew. I particularly enjoy massage, combined with being cleansed in a Korean dome-type sauna. Usually I stay five days or a week.

Richard Pohle
Airline worker, 32 (German)
New Zealand. I went all over both islands and liked the easygoing people. You can also do extreme sports there. I went skydiving, hiking and camping. Although the culture is English, New Zealand is very remote. It is so very far from Europe and you feel it in the stunning landscapes and different weather. Auckland is multicultural and lots of Japanese live there. I stayed for five weeks.

Mika Saeki
Piano tuner, 45 (Japanese)
I loved Vienna. The capital of Austria is such a beautiful, historic city with a fantastically rich culture and so many interesting things to do. The opera is wonderful and you can see great art in the galleries and museums. The food is good. I must say the most enjoyable activity for me was drinking. We used to start in the morning and during those lovely days had our fill of champagne, wine and beer. I stayed three weeks.