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Oct 16, 2014
EU to exclude Japan Railway from government procurement rule: diplomatic source
The European Union on Wednesday reached a basic agreement to exclude three key Japan Railway units from the World Trade Organization's government procurement accord, according to an EU diplomatic source.
Japan Times
Sep 13, 2014
Matchmaking event for trainspotters held near Tokyo
About 1,000 railway fans took part in Tetsukon, a matchmaking event especially for them, on Saturday near Tokyo, with about 100 men and women coupling.
Aug 25, 2014
Shinkansen section halted by power outage
A power failure on Sunday night briefly suspended Tokaido Shinkansen Line trains between Mishima Station and Shizuoka Station in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Japan Times
Aug 13, 2014
Environmental protection key to proposed railway up Mount Fuji
The idea of building a railway to climb Mount Fuji is not new, though it has never been realized. But now the leader of a local tourism group is pitching a plan to create an environmentally friendly rail line that he believes represents the best chance yet of seeing this long-held dream come true.
Japan Times
Aug 4, 2014
Small rail line reinvents itself with anime-decorated trains, sumo goods
Hoping to attract more visitors to the Noto Peninsula, which juts into the Sea of Japan in Ishikawa Prefecture, a small railway has been reinventing its image by decorating its trains with pictures of Japanese anime heroines and selling goods related to a popular local sumo wrestler.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Economy
Aug 2, 2014
Texas to get shinkansen system
A privately funded group in Texas is aiming to build a shinkansen line between Dallas and Houston by 2021 with help from JR Tokai.
Japan Times
Jul 8, 2014
Violence against railway workers on decline
Cases of violence by train passengers against railway workers totaled 760 in fiscal 2013, down by 68 from the previous year, according to the latest tally by an industry group.
BUSINESS / Companies
Jul 3, 2014
JR East to move Iidabashi Station by 200 meters to reduce safety risks
East Japan Railway Co. plans to move the platform of Iidabashi Station on its Chuo Line in central Tokyo to reduce safety risks for passengers ahead of the 2020 Olympics.
Japan Times
Jun 4, 2014
Thieves swipe AKB48 shells from tsunami-hit railway
The Sanriku Railway Co. says thieves have stolen scallop shells bearing messages written by entertainers from all-girl pop and dance troupe AKB48.
Japan Times
May 19, 2014
New shops blossom under Tokyo's tracks
The spaces under elevated train tracks are drawing attention again in central Tokyo as railways eager for a bigger piece of the retailing pie transform vacant areas traditionally used as warehouses and parking lots.
Japan Times
Apr 17, 2014
Tortured POW meets his Japanese tormentor
"He is most interested in having contact with you for he has lived with many unanswered questions all these years, questions to which perhaps only you can help him to find the answers." So wrote Patricia Lomax in a letter sent from her home in England to Takashi Nagase, who at the time lived in Okayama...
Japan Times
Apr 16, 2014
Shibuya Station to be rebuilt
East Japan Railway Co. says it will start laying the groundwork for wholesale renovations of Shibuya Station in Tokyo that will take more than a decade to complete.
Japan Times
LIFE / Digital / ON: TECH
Apr 14, 2014
This week is for Star Wars fans, train enthusiasts and mothers to be
Easy subway navigation
Japan Times
JAPAN / Politics
Apr 13, 2014
Japan may waive maglev train technology license fees in deal with U.S.
The government is considering providing Japanese magnetically levitated train system technology to the United States without license fee to help realize a high-speed train service linking Washington and Baltimore, Maryland.
Apr 11, 2014
Kennedy to join Abe on maglev train inspection
U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy will join Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday to inspect a magnetically levitated train system in Yamanashi Prefecture, the government said Friday.
Japan Times
Apr 3, 2014
Back on track: Sanriku Railway's long road to recovery
Japan Times
Feb 20, 2014
Okinawa set to launch first railway project to ease chronic traffic jams
Okinawa will set up a panel of scholars and other experts in fiscal 2014 to flesh out a plan to construct its first railway system.
Feb 17, 2014
Train crash blamed on faulty brakes
A commuter train that rammed a stationary train early Saturday in Kawasaki failed to slow even after the emergency brakes were applied, an investigation has shown.
Japan Times
Feb 15, 2014
Railway operator Tokyu blames snow for train collision in Kawasaki
Railway operator Tokyu Corp. suggests snow may have caused a commuter train collision that left 19 passengers with light injuries in Kawasaki.
Japan Times
Feb 12, 2014
Police gear up to search JR Hokkaido
Police were set to search the head office of Hokkaido Railway Co. on Wednesday over the railway operator's alleged falsifications of maintenance data, investigative sources said.


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